NANOCARE Nasal Salt Box

1.Product Description

Full set

- Brand name: Nanocare

- Package: 20 salt sachets/ 1 salt box

- Weight: 1.8 g/ 1 salt sachet



Percentage (%)






To shrink mucous membrane, blood vessel and be lightly antiseptic lightly, which makes breathing through nose more easily and clear mucus blocked in the nose.





To dilute sputum and reduce itch due to allergic application, PH buffer


Vera Aloe Extract



To moisturize, abate mucous membrane of nose and prevent nosebleed due to nasal dryness



The advantages can be found in the Nanocare Nasal Salt Box is more than many similar products on the market:

        • Reduce allergic rhinitis symptoms
  •  Improve the symptoms of sinusitis
  •  Reduce the frequency of asthma attacks
  •  Reduce cough and rhinitis.
  •  Reduce symptoms of pregnancy rhinitis
  •  Reduce congestion, breathe more.
  •  Reduce sinusitis symptoms due to colds.
  •  Reduce nasal dryness.
  •  Improve the sense of smell, taste.
  •  Avoid snoring.
  •  Reduce bad breath
  •  Be effective after surgery and radiation on the head, face and neck

3.Use for

The nasal rinse salt is used to mix with water, then use the solution to wash the nose when it encounters the following problems:

  • Frequently occurring nasal congestion.
  • Predisposition to cold infections.
  • Dry nose and dried mucus.
  • Very dusty or contaminated atmospheres.
  • Pollen allergy.
  • Chronic inflammations of the nose and nasal sinuses.
  • Following surgical procedures in the area of the nose and nasal cavities (only if your doctor agrees).


4.Instruction to use

The nasal rinse salt is used to mix with water in the Nasal rinse bottle

  • Step 1: Pour Nasal rinse salt sachet into the bottle with warm water
  • Step 2: Shake to salt mix with warm water into the saline water
  • Step 3: tilt your head and wash your nose


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