Nanocare Nasal rinse kit 180ml

1. Material

- Medical Plastic

- Completely non- BPA.

  • High-17,5cm
  • Logo and Dr.Green label are on the bottle's surface

2.Product Description

Full set

(1) Cap with tube

(2) Reservoir ( 180 ml fill volume)

3. Features

The advantages can be found in the Nanocare Nasal Rinse Bottle is more than many similar products on the market:

  • Using non – toxic medical plastic, BPA free 100% safe for using.
  • Having two pipes for baby and adult.
  • The products was improved from imports and was tested.
  • Enclosing instructions for use
  • Free 10 salt bags. You can mix salt water under the guidance and easy to use, save delivery cost.

4.Use for

Using the nasal douche moistens the mucous membranes of the nose and cleans the nasal sinuses.
The nasal douche is suitable for use by children aged 3 and older as well as by adults.
The nasal douche is used to clean and moisten the nasal sinuses in case of:

  • Frequently occurring nasal congestion.
  • Predisposition to cold infections.
  • Dry nose and dried mucus.
  • Very dusty or contaminated atmospheres.
  • Pollen allergy.
  • Chronic inflammations of the nose and nasal sinuses.
  • Following surgical procedures in the area of the nose and nasal cavities (only if your doctor agrees).

5.Instruction to use

  • Step 1: Pour physiological saline solution into the tank
  • Step 2: Screw the knee onto the reservoir tightly.
  • Step 3: Twist the nasal insert to the Rinse position (the line on the knee will point to the triangle).
  • Step 4: Keep the head slightly tiltes (30-35 degrees) for hygiene water flows out, standing will reduce hygiene, dirt in the   nose flows throat causing choking or discomfort.



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