Nanocare Baby Nasal Aspirator


  • Safety plastic, not contain carcinogens, toxic substances affect the baby's health 
  • 2 nozzle and 2 hose made of highgrade silicone.

Service containers and lids are made from polypropylene, BPA-free, safe for children

2. Size

Box size: 19*3.5*3.3 cm

Weight: 25g


  • 500 pcs / carton
  • Carton size: 70*56*35 cm
  • Weight: 17kg/ carton

4.HS code

9018.90.90/ 39269039


  • The design is simple, compact, comfortable.
  • Color: various for baby (White, blue, pink, orange…)
  • Nozzle, safety nozzle with soft baby's sensitive nostrils
  • Part straws easily adjusted to the strong absorption, lightweight parents
  • The first part suction tube into the nose was so fit and soft to the nasal mucosa of the nose and the baby's immature, not hurts.
  • Round box contains easy removable nasal mucus, washed with water to wash the bottle.
  • A suction easy, safe & convenient.

6.Use for:

Using the nasal douche moistens the mucous membranes of the nose and cleans the nasal sinuses.
The nasal douche is suitable for use by:

  • Children aged from 0 to 3 years having nasal, rhinitis, sinusitis  ...
  • Slightly pul ballshaped aspirator into baby's nasal cavity 
  • Suction with mouth at the other end to adjust strength and lead inner things of nasal cavity into saving trough.


  • Cleaning the baby’s nose, help your baby breath more normally, sleeping well
  • Help to reduce baby's pain from a stuffy nose

8.Instruction to use:

- Step 1: Place Aspirator in the nose, Straw piece goes in your mouth….

- Step 2: Then you give the straw a good suck to draw out the snot.

- Step 3: Any snot that is sucked out is caught and collected in the Sealed Trough

- Cleaning: Before and after each use, wash and rinse thoroughly. Take off the lid and straw from main part of product, then rinse with strong force or warm water. It would be completely clear.

Here is a link of video guiding how to use Nanocare Manufacturer of Baby Nasal Aspirator:

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