Dr Green Nasal rinse kit 250ml

1. Material

- Medical Plastic

- Completely non- BPA.

  • High-17,5cm
  • Logo and Dr.Green label are on the bottle's surface

2. Product Description

Full set

(1) Box

(2) Bottle with 2 valves: Liquid valve and Air valve


The advantages can be found in the Dr. Green Nasal Rinse Kit is more than many similar products on the market:

  • Using non – toxic medical plastic, BPA free 100% safe for using.
  • Having two pipes for baby and adult.
  • The products was improved from imports and was tested.
  • Enclosing instructions for use
  • Free 10 salt bags. You can mix salt water under the guidance and easy to use, save delivery cost.

4.Use for

Using the nasal douche moistens the mucous membranes of the nose and cleans the nasal sinuses.
The nasal douche is suitable for use by children at least 6 month and older as well as by adults.
The nasal douche is used to clean and moisten the nasal sinuses in case of:

  • Reduce allergic rhinits symptoms
  • Reduce cough and rhinits
  • Improve the symptoms of sinusitis
  • Reduce the frequency of asthama attacks
  • Improve the sense of smell, taste.
  • Effective after surgery and radiation on the head face and neck
  • Reduce symptoms of pregnancy rhinitis
  • Reduce congrestion, breathe more easily
  • Reduce dry nose
  • Reduce snoring
  • Reduce bad breath.
  • Reduce symptoms of sinusitis due to cold.

5.Instruction to use

  • Step 1: Put a package of washable mixture into a jar.
  • Step 2: Add clean water and mix well. Put clean water (boiled or warm water) at a 240ml/adult or 180ml/child bottle. Tighten the cap and gently shake  until melted. Exhausted mixture.
  • Step 3: Wash each side of the nose. Bend and tilt your head in front of the sink, gently set tip on the nose.
  • Step 4: Open your mouth, gently squeeze the bottle at each beat.


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